Funnel Cake Ale – Forgotten Boardwalk Brewery

The funnel cake ale is both delicious and interesting. Although not my favorite at the brewery – that award goes to directory for gentlemen; a chai saison – this ale definitely deserves a post. Offered on two different taps, CO2 and Nitro, this ale allows to for very different, yet unique tastes. The CO2 gives you more of a carbonated bubbly taste if that’s what you prefer. But if you like a more smoother beer similar to a stout, then you would choose the nitro option. Both has tastes of vanilla and cream, so therefore I refer to these as the “cream soda beer” whenever I am describing it a friend whom has never tried it before. This brewery gives us a new firkin every month as well, most times these are just varied funnel cake ales and each time I try a new one they are just as delicious as the last one. The atmosphere and bartenders at this brewery don’t compare to any other one I’ve been too, and that’s why it is on the top of my list of ones to go to often. They offer outdoor and indoor seating and games inside. Def come check them out if you haven’t yet!


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