Peanut Butter Cup – Village Idiot Brewery

I’ve been to village idiot brewery numerous times, and each time I always choose to get a flight.  Usually I try different kinds each time, but the peanut butter cup porter is one I always gets included with my flight. This beer is the perfect taste of sweetness in your mouth. If you love Reeses Puffs, then you will love this beer. When I took my first sip this is what I thought of, a little bit of milky and little bit of the cereal taste. Usually with porters and stouts I prefer them with the flights because I find it difficult to drink a whole glass full because of how think and (sometimes strong) they can be. This one is neither of them, its not super thick and its only around 6.5% which is perfect for a full glass. If anyone every checks out this brewery, located in Mount Holly, NJ, be sure to get a sample of this one, you won’t regret it, I promise!!


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