Peanut Butter Jelly Time – Catawba

I’ve never visited the brewery where this beer is offered but a friend of mine brought it home for me to try. Let me tell you, it was delicious!! It tasted just like a PB and J sandwich, with the bread, peanut butter and jelly all mixed into a beer.  The most prominent flavor within the beer was the jelly in a raspberry type flavor, but behind that I could taste some hints of the peanut butter which made it both refreshing and tasty. I was very disappointed that I only had one, because I could have had a few more after my first! If you miss being a kid and having your mother pack you PB&J sandwichs in your lunch box, then this beer is for you. It will bring back all your childhood memories and at the same time, you can enjoy a delicious summertime beer!


Funnel Cake Ale – Forgotten Boardwalk Brewery

The funnel cake ale is both delicious and interesting. Although not my favorite at the brewery – that award goes to directory for gentlemen; a chai saison – this ale definitely deserves a post. Offered on two different taps, CO2 and Nitro, this ale allows to for very different, yet unique tastes. The CO2 gives you more of a carbonated bubbly taste if that’s what you prefer. But if you like a more smoother beer similar to a stout, then you would choose the nitro option. Both has tastes of vanilla and cream, so therefore I refer to these as the “cream soda beer” whenever I am describing it a friend whom has never tried it before. This brewery gives us a new firkin every month as well, most times these are just varied funnel cake ales and each time I try a new one they are just as delicious as the last one. The atmosphere and bartenders at this brewery don’t compare to any other one I’ve been too, and that’s why it is on the top of my list of ones to go to often. They offer outdoor and indoor seating and games inside. Def come check them out if you haven’t yet!

Aigre Canon – Naked Brewery

The Aigre Canon is a sour saison beer created and served at the Naked Brewery in Bucks County, PA.  Seeing as this brewery is close to my home, I tend to go there quite often. I really enjoy this saison best out of all the beers they have to offer. This beer is a mixture of sour and tart that is not too overpowering for those who don’t enjoy sours, this one might be for you. It’s very smooth and goes down easily.  Although Aigre Canon is a sour beer, I taste it as a more sour/sweet beer with very little hints of sweetness mixed within the sour. This might be why I choose this as my favorite sour beer from any brewery I’ve ever been too (most times I don’t prefer sours, but this one is an exception). The other beers this place has to offer are just as good and worth the try. They allow you to have flights and they have a Thursday night trivia! Get down there some Thursday after a long work day, sample some beers and play some good old fun trivia. They do not serve food, but often times have awesome food trucks located out front, so come check it out someday!

Peanut Butter Cup – Village Idiot Brewery

I’ve been to village idiot brewery numerous times, and each time I always choose to get a flight.  Usually I try different kinds each time, but the peanut butter cup porter is one I always gets included with my flight. This beer is the perfect taste of sweetness in your mouth. If you love Reeses Puffs, then you will love this beer. When I took my first sip this is what I thought of, a little bit of milky and little bit of the cereal taste. Usually with porters and stouts I prefer them with the flights because I find it difficult to drink a whole glass full because of how think and (sometimes strong) they can be. This one is neither of them, its not super thick and its only around 6.5% which is perfect for a full glass. If anyone every checks out this brewery, located in Mount Holly, NJ, be sure to get a sample of this one, you won’t regret it, I promise!!

Landshark Lager

If you love craft beer and tailgates then you’d agree those two don’t mix very well. Who wants a heavy IPA or stout sitting out in the sun and BBQing, not me. So what do you choose when you don’t want one of those tasteless light beer that most people choose to drink on a hot summer day…. I’d prefer to have a cool, crisp Landshark lager. It’s not as heavy as a Yuengling, and not as flavorless as a Coors light, the Landshark beer is the perfect refreshing beer for any tailgate, BBQ, pool party or laying on the beach. Its cold and tasty which is just perfect to go with your hot dogs and hamburgers grilling up in the parking lot. So the next concert or football game you plan on going to, make sure you go out and get some Landshark to go with it. Perfect for such event!